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Jelly Jazz, the grand daddy of the funk and jazz scene in the South West of England. Running continuously for 25 years at various venues across the region and beyond, making it one of the country's, if not one of the world's longest running club nights! Specialising in dancefloor rockin' funk, soul and jazz, spiced up with the best of nu-funk, breaks, beats, Latin, drum & bass and whatever fits the Jelly Jazz vibe. It's genre un-specific, but totally funky.

The Masked Ball 2017, well that was an absolute blast! Jelly Jazz rocked the giant tipi's all weekend with a huge line up of world class DJs. We also ran the 45 Live stage in 'The Underworld', a brand new area to the festival that you entered through a tube train and tunnel, that led you into 4 areas that represented iconic times in club culture from around the world. Next year Jelly Jazz will be celebrating 25 years, so we're hoping to do something special at the ball!

Private events
When you need a soundtrack of funk, soul, jazz, latin, swing, (real) R&B, a touch of D&B and most DEFINITELY NO cheese, pop and chart rubbish then drop us a message. We guarantee to provide you with a rip roaring, funky and soulful set of tunes, and can also organise all the technical aspects too. Check out the page now if you are planning an event.

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